from farm to cup...

We realize that young generation in Bali, is more interested in hospitality industry rather than conventional farming.

The main reason is that more money in the industry. We want to make farming to its full capacity by planting herbs and other plants needed for the tea ingredients with farmers in our village.

Therefore, the farmers earn additional income. We strictly practise natural farming like our forefathers.

Only natural fertilizer and no pesticide is used on our herbs and plants. Our benefit from the method are prime quality and purity of the herbs.


"A woman is like a tea bag — you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Housewives around the neighborhood work with us for production and packaging. They work either full or part-time. It is important to us for the housewives to have a flexible time table thus they can still play their role in community and family.



I grew up in a Balinese farming family. My passions are traveling, food and farming. I have a dream that everybody lives a healthy life by consuming natural herbs and becoming a faithful guardian of mother nature. It all began when I went to a Sunday market in Dublin. In July 2015, I went to Mumbai, India to learn how to make chai tea. Right there and then I decided to make chai tea seriously.  When I came back to Bali, I was determined to cultivate herbs from the tea ingredients which fortunately are local plants. Balinese herbs have been ignored for decades and It is our duty to preserve them as part of our culture. Made Tea was established on 15 July 2015.