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  • Made with LOVE, Made for LIFE
    … Made in BALI.

Made with LOVE, Made for LIFE
… Made in BALI.

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"Our vision is everyone living a healthy lifestyle as effortlessly as drinking a cup of tea.”

– Ni Made Roni

Blue Chai Latte Blue Chai Latte
Blue Chai Latte
Regular price 85.000,00
    Calming Tea Bundling Calming Tea Bundling
    Calming Tea Bundling
    Regular price 155.000,00
      Durian Fury Blend Durian Fury Blend
      Durian Fury Blend
      Regular price 149.000,00
        Elevate your tea with our Glass Teapot. Elevate your tea with our Glass Teapot.
        Elevate your tea with our Glass Teapot.
        Regular price 250.000,00
          Kintamani Twist Kintamani Twist
          Kintamani Twist
          Regular price 109.000,00
            Volcano Blend Volcano Blend
            Volcano Blend
            Regular price 98.000,00

              Our Mission

              • Learn about the amazing healing powers and benefits of plants and herbs
              • Source and collaborate with local community farmers and create jobs for local workers
              • Produce the highest quality wellness blends of tea
              • Inspire generations to value agriculture and farming

              Our Unique Tea

              • Made Teas are all-natural, made from plants and herbs grown and produced locally in the rich, fertile soil of Ubud, Bali
              • Made Teas are unique blends of local healing herbs, each specifically designed for overall health and wellness
              • We guarantee our blends are 100% pure with no additives or preservatives

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