Tea Making Workshop

Experience the art of tea at Made Tea's interactive workshop, perfect for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, this immersive event explores the enchanting world of tea.


Secret Garden Tour: Explore where Made Tea's premium blends come to life.

Hands-on Workshop: Learn steeping techniques, brewing secrets, and the perfect pour from expert tea artisans.

Sensory Tasting Journey: Indulge in curated loose leaf blends, savoring unique flavors and aromas.

Botanical Tea Secrets: Learn the health benefits and beauty of brewing with botanicals.

Expert Q&A: Get answers to all your tea-related questions from our knowledgeable team.


Balinese Afternoon Tea

Experience the magic of Bali right here at Made Tea House with our Afternoon Tea. Whether you're looking for a fun afternoon with friends, a romantic date, or just a treat for yourself, our Balinese-inspired spread is perfect.


  • Delicious finger foods: savory and sweet bites bursting with authentic Balinese flavors, beautifully presented on tiered stands.
  • Unique tea blends: handcrafted teas grown in Bali, each sip transporting you to this tropical paradise.
  • Relaxing atmosphere: Our tea house is filled with calming music and Balinese-inspired décor, setting the mood for pure relaxation.
  • Memories to cherish: Create lasting moments with loved ones or enjoy a peaceful solo escape.